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Get messy. Get magickal.

Get over your fears that you'll mess up the "perfect" Book of Shadows, with the following:

✨ The 100% FREE Book of Shadows printable

✨ the 100% FREE Witch 101 guide: your guide to surviving the magickal wilderness

✨ The 100% FREE "make More Magick" email course

Are you ready to start making magick without fear?

With the free Book of Shadows Witchables Printable, you can start making messy, imperfect magick RIGHT NOW.

Then, dive into the Witch 101 Guide to what all you need to explore your Magickal Wilderness.

Finally, follow it all up with 10 days of emails to help you make MORE magick, including making more TIME for magick and learning how to be more consistent with your magick.

Let’s flip the switch on just how abso-freaking-lutely magickal you are with the 10-day “Make More Magick” free email course. (Only I didn’t say “freakin.”)



Fill out the sign up form, and you’ll get:

📓 The printable Book of Shadows

📓 The Witch 101 guide to get started in witchcraft

📓 The “Make More Magick” email series



Included in “Witch 101”

✨ Basic intro to the Magick Glasses method

✨ What’s included in the Magick Backpack (hint: it’s the tools to explore the Magickal Wilderness)

✨ And more!



Included in “Make More Magick”


✨ That time I created the “Lucky Onion” spell (and included recipe)

✨ How to make more time for magick

✨ How to consistently make more magick





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