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Make More Magick

Make time for witchcraft, consistently, with this free"make More Magick" course, my gift to you.

Included Bonuses: Book of Shadows Printable + Issue #1 of Surviving the Magickal Wilderness Zine.

Worried you’re not making enough time for magick?ย 

Fearful that you’re not consistent enough with your magickal practices?

Let’s flip the switch on just how abso-fucking-lutely magickal you are with the 10-day “Make More Magick” free email course.

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Included in “Make More Magick”

  • Are you doing “Chicken Little” Witchcraft?
  • That time I created the “Lucky Onion” spell (and included recipe)
  • How to make more time for magick
  • How to consistently make more magick


Plus, as bonuses: Free Book of Shadows printable, plus issue #1 of my zine,ย Your Guide to Surviving the Magickal Wilderness

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